ESG Hub  

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) forms part of the effort to address the climate crisis and transition to more sustainable ways of living and doing business. ESG is concerned with sustainability, including greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, equality, diversity and inclusion, governance, accountability and corruption.

The ESG regulatory framework is a framework of reporting obligations contained in mandatory laws and voluntary guidelines, which helps relevant stakeholders, such as investors, shareholders, regulators, employees and consumers, understand how companies, investment management firms, financial advisors and other relevant bodies manage risks and opportunities related to environmental, social and governance factors.

Many businesses want to demonstrate to customers, employees, suppliers, lenders and communities that ethical values and sustainable business practices are embedded in their corporate culture.

Our ESG Hub is designed to help businesses achieve their ESG targets and objectives in a changing legislative and regulatory environment. Our multi-disciplinary teams provide tailored and commercially focused advice and support across the areas of energy and renewables, sustainable finance, green business loans, energy and climate action corporate and commercial, housing and commercial real estate, construction, and responsible employment practices.  


Concerns the measures an organisation has in place to minimise any potential negative impact its operations might have on the environment and the organisation’s overall resilience against environmental-related risks. Examples of relevant issues include carbon emissions, waste management practices, biodiversity loss, and air and water pollution.


Concerns the organisation’s management of its relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and other relevant actors, such as the communities within which the organisation operates. Examples of relevant issues include human rights and equality, diversity and inclusion.


Concerns the organisation’s leadership and governance standards. Examples of relevant issues include executive pay, shareholder rights, whistleblower policies and safeguards against bribery and corruption.

ESG in Commercial Real Estate - Event Highlights

LK Shields was delighted to host a panel discussion on ESG in Commercial Real Estate in the iconic Bonham Quay development.

Bonham Quay has been lauded internationally for its ESG credentials and we were honoured to have those that were central to the vision and development of this landmark share their knowledge and expertise.

There were many valuable insights shared on the night including the importance of collaboration, future proofing, and constant innovation.

The discussion took us through the story of the development from conception to occupation and in particular focused on the One Planet Living ® principles and accreditation that underpin the development.