LK Shields act for UK Dragon’s Investment Firm

PUBLISHED: 20th September 2018

Photo to illustrate article

LK Shields were delighted to have the recent opportunity to act for Recruitment Entrepreneur (a fund led by James Caan CBE) in its acquisition of specialist Dublin recruiter 360 Search.

Caan, a serial entrepreneur and former BBC Dragon’s Den Star told the Irish Independent that he believes Ireland will become the "hub of Europe" and that he expects to invest in three more Irish firms before the end of 2018.

As founder of Recruitment Entrepreneur, the world's most exciting investor in early to mid-size recruitment start-ups, James has invested in 24 talented founders, across 18 global office locations. Working closely with CEO, Abid Hamid, these recruitment founders have launched and scaled successful businesses due to Recruitment Entrepreneur’s ability to provide not just knowledge, but also know-how.

The LK Shields team comprised of Richard Curran, Jennifer McGuire, Jennifer O’Neill, James Byrne and Jamie Ritchie.

Full text of the article in the Irish Independent is located here.

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