Remote Betting Licences are No Longer “Remote”

PUBLISHED: 13th July 2015

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Are you an online bookmaker offering remote betting to customers based in Ireland?

Or an intermediary operator enabling Irish customers to make bets with other people, such as in a “peer to peer” model? If you are, and you do not have a remote bookmakers' licence or a remote betting intermediaries' licence, you will be breaking the law in Ireland from tomorrow, 1 August 2015.

The Betting (Amendment) Act 2015 amends the existing Betting Act 1931 and requires remote bookmakers and betting intermediaries ("Remote Operators") providing betting services to customers in Ireland to hold a licence by 1 August 2015.

Who Needs a Licence?

  1. Remote bookmakers' licences need to be held by operators offering remote betting to customers based in Ireland.
  2. Remote betting intermediaries' licences will need to be held by operators who enable Irish customers to make bets with other persons by remote means.

What to do next?

An entity not licensed by 1 August 2015 will be acting illegally if it offers or provides the above-mentioned services.

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