CCPC publishes strategy statement 2024-2026

PUBLISHED: 20th November 2023

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The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has published its Strategy Statement 2024-2026.   It presents a high-level framework that will enable the CCPC to pursue its objectives to deliver tangible, relevant and impactful outcomes within its capacity and resources.

The Strategy Statement sets out four strategic goals which encompass the broad remit of the CCPC and the range of its responsibilities:  

  1. Enforcement and Compliance:  To use all its tools, including its new powers, to increase enforcement and compliance outcomes.
  2. Empower and Inform:  To empower consumers to make informed choices.
  3. Advocacy and Research:  To be the leading voice in promoting open and competitive markets and representing the interests of consumers.
  4. Structure and Resources:  To evolve and grow, in size and capability.

The Strategy Statement will be in operation from 1 January 2024.

The Chair of the CCPC, Mr Brian McHugh, in the introduction to the Strategy Statement 2024-2026 states as follows:

In an era marked by unprecedented changes in the consumer and competition landscape, the role of the CCPC has never been more significant.  Our Strategy Statement 2024-2026 details our forward-looking and innovative approach, envisioning a thriving economic landscape where competition is robust, consumers are empowered, and markets are governed by fair rules.

The CCPC will employ an expanded set of enforcement powers across our competition, consumer protection, and product safety remit.  Our increased enforcement not only signals that breaches of the law will be penalised but acts as a potent deterrent, promoting greater compliance across the economy.

As a strong public advocate, we take pride in our role as protectors of consumers and promoters of competition.  We emphasise robust, evidence-based arguments and aim to translate our work into meaningful changes in consumers’ lives through research and stakeholder engagement.

The CCPC has undergone remarkable growth, expanding its portfolio and capacities and adapting to the digital shift. This expansion is set to continue, particularly as the regulation of digital and the data space evolves.  Ensuring our team is well-equipped and structured to match our expanded remit remains a priority.

The CCPC reaffirms the centrality of its purpose in the protection and empowerment of consumers, as well as its commitment to enforcing competition law and in doing so, promoting compliance across the economy.

Dr Marco Hickey is Head of the EU, Competition and Regulated Markets team at LK Shields.  He can be reached by email on or by phone on +35316371522.  He is the author of Merger Control, published by Round Hall (part of the Thomson Reuters group), which is the only book exclusively devoted to merger control in Ireland.

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