Annual Returns Peak Calendar Month

PUBLISHED: 26th September 2017

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The busiest month for annual compliance is fast approaching with over 50,000 Companies with a filing deadline date of 28 October.  

It is critical that your annual return is filed on time to ensure that you remain compliant with the Companies Act 2014.  Therefore it is advisable that when submitting your annual return the information contained within the B1 Form is correct and accurate.  This will reduce the risk of any issues being raised with filing the B1 Form.

As previously signalled, it is not now possible to file a paper return with all returns now having to be made online.  

Once the B1 Form has been filed within 28 days of its annual return date, the financial statements must then be uploaded via PDF within 28 days of having filed the B1 Form.  This must be completed before the B1 signature page and accounts certificate are delivered to the CRO.

As the 28 October falls on a Saturday the filing deadline is extended to the next working day. However, should any B1 Forms should exceeds their filing deadline date then late filing fees will be imposed.  This will also result in the company losing their audit exemption in the current year and following year.

Due to the volume of companies due to file their annual return on the 28 October it is advisable to act in advance of this date to ensure the deadline date is not missed and no further errors occur when trying to electronically file.

LK Shields can provide further advice on the preparation of annual return forms and the process surrounding annual compliance. 

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