EASA welcomes Google as first Digital Pure Play Member

PUBLISHED: 16th November 2020

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The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) has welcomed Google as the first digital pure play member of the Alliance in a press release in October 2020.

EASA is a nonprofit organisation which brings together 28 self-regulatory organisations across Europe and 13 advertising industry organisations, who work together to ensure responsible advertising.  EASA’s role involves setting out high operational standards for advertising self-regulatory systems by providing advice, monitoring compliance and handling complaints, as well as promoting responsible advertising by ensuring ads meet high ethical standards.

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI), a founding member of EASA, welcomed Google as the first corporate member of EASA and partner of the ad self-regulatory network.  In a joint statement with co-members of EASA’s Digital Working Group, Orla Twomey, EASA Vice-Chair and Chief Executive of the ASAI, commented that the partnership:

“will strengthen Google’s collaboration with EASA’s self-regulatory organisations” and will “help ensure EASA’s network is stronger in rapidly changing times, including by tackling irresponsible advertising through the use of technology”.

The partnership with Google is a welcome step forward in the promotion of high standards in digital advertising and it is hoped that other online platforms will follow. This is potentially a very significant development in light of the strong support for effective self-regulation and the country of origin principle in the Directive for Audiovisual Media Services (AVMSD).

For the ASAI press release, click here.

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