Mandatory E-Filing of CRO Forms from 1 March 2022

PUBLISHED: 7th March 2022

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Mandatory online filing for 18 specified CRO forms came into force on 1 March 2022.  The requirement applies to fourteen Solvency forms, two Mortgage forms and two Enforcement forms, which are listed below.  They will no longer be accepted in paper form by the CRO.

Pursuant to the Companies Act 2014 (Section 897) Order 2021, the “sole means” of delivering these forms to the CRO from 1 March 2022 is by electronic filing in accordance with sections 12(2)(b) and 13(2)(a) of the Electronic Commerce Act 2000 and subject to any requirements set by the Registrar.


G1: Special Resolution

G2: Ordinary Resolution

E2: Notice of Appointment of Liquidator(s)

E2A: Notice of Resignation of Liquidator

E2B: Notice of Removal of a Liquidator

E2C: Notice of Appointment of Liquidator(s) following Removal of previous Liquidator

E3: Liquidator’s Accounts of Acts and Dealings

E4: Liquidator’s Statement of Proceedings and Position of Winding Up

E5: Liquidator’s Final Statement of Accounts

E6: Return of Final Winding Up Meeting

E7:  Final Wind-up Meeting -- Members and Creditors

E8: Notice of Appointment of Receiver

E9: Receiver’s Abstract

E11: Notice of Cessation by Receiver

C6:  Declaration of Satisfaction of a Charge

C7:  Partial Satisfaction of a Charge/Judgment Mortgage

H1: Restoration of a Company

H15: Application for Voluntary Strike-off

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