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SCARP Bill Passes the Houses of the Oireachtas

The Companies (Rescue Process for Small and Micro Companies) Bill 2021 has now passed both houses of the Oireachtas

Corporate Restructuring and Recovery Options:  Part 4 - Schemes of Arrangement

The streamlining of the Schemes of Arrangement (Schemes) process under the Companies Act 2014 (CA 2014) provides an option for corporate restructuring and recovery, which may not have been feasible for some companies or corporate groups in the past

Withdrawal or Amendment of Dividend Resolutions

The Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Covid-19) Act 2020 was signed into law on 1 August 2020 and will remain operative for the Interim Period

Directors Duties and Liabilities: Statement from the ODCE

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, concerns have been raised by directors and bodies representing directors regarding potential liabilities directors may face by allowing businesses to continue to trade where there is a risk of insolvency

Corporate Restructuring and Recovery Options Part 3: Examinership

The sometimes controversial Examinership process, established in 1990, remains a very important tool for Irish companies with viable businesses that find themselves in financial difficulties

Trading While Insolvent

The existence of directors’ and officers’ insurance cover does not absolve directors of their responsibilities

Corporate Restructuring and Recovery Options Available: Part 2 -  Mergers and Divisions

As part of our series of articles on restructuring options available for Irish companies in light of economic pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this article focuses on domestic mergers and divisions under Irish law, the possible advantages it might give for your business, and an outline of the steps involved

Overview of Corporate Restructuring and Recovery Options Available Under Irish Law - Part 1

As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 continues to disrupt economic activity in Ireland businesses are reviewing their corporate structures and funding arrangements to deal with the crisis

How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Affecting the Administration of Justice in Ireland

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Government of Ireland’s restrictions placed on social interactions, the Courts Service of Ireland has adopted significant measures to reduce the number of people attending court, while leaving structures in place to deal with certain urgent matters

Retention of Title Clauses in the Context of the COVID-19 Crisis

The current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in potentially severe economic consequences being faced by many businesses

COVID-19: Restructuring of Company Debt

Some businesses may soon (and indeed already) be faced with sudden cash flow and liquidity issues as a result of the sudden economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19: What Companies Need to Know to Reduce Insolvency Risk

Covid-19 is top of the agenda for businesses globally — and for good reason

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