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Theresa May’s Article 50 ‘Dear John’ Letter

Brexit might become the road to hell that was paved with good intentions

Broadcasters Consider Ireland as a Location post-Brexit

Licensing authorities in the broadcasting sector across the European Union have reported receiving queries from international broadcasters, based in the UK, who are considering relocating in advance of Brexit

Crowdfunding The Irish Brexit Challenge

Crowdfunding seems to be the new black --but is crowdfunding litigation legal? The crowdfunding of the Irish High Court challenge to Article 50 by the British tax barrister, Jolyon Maugham QC, has been a resounding success, so far, with the target figure of £70,000 achieved in less than 48 hours from no less than1800 contributors

Contending with Brexit Uncertainties – Governing Law Clauses

There has been plenty of discussion about the impact of Brexit on contracts but not so much on its specific drafting implications

Minimising the Cost of Brexit Uncertainty: The Flexibility of Having an Irish Presence

Ireland is known for being a mature and well-respected common law legal jurisdiction and having a dynamic and flexible business environment

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