Companies Act 2014 – Changes Regarding the Disclosure of Directors’ Residential Addresses

PUBLISHED: 28th February 2016

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Under the Companies Act 2014, an officer of a company can apply to have his/her residential address exempt from appearing on the register of companies.

Previously there was no such exemption available and officers of a company were required by law to disclose their residential address.

What’s involved?

To obtain the exemption the Director must prove by way of statement from An Garda Síochána that the publication of their residential address on the register of companies would pose a personal safety or security risk.

Then, an application with the supporting statement from the Gardaí must be sent to the Registrar of Companies accompanied by a Form T1.  Where successful, the applicant must provide the address of the company’s registered office in place of his/her residential address.  A separate application requesting an exemption must be sent to the Registrar in respect of each company that the officer wishes to obtain such an exemption for.

What should I bear in mind?

The exemption takes effect from the date that the Form T1 is registered and will apply to information submitted on forms to the CRO after this date.  Any previous documents submitted to the CRO containing the officer’s residential address cannot be removed.

Furthermore, where an officer of a company subsequently includes their usual residential address on any form required by the Registrar, an automatic cancellation of the exemption will be triggered.

Officers who have been granted the exemption should notify the company, who will then also remove the officer’s residential address from the Register of Directors and Secretaries and Register of Members if applicable.

Next Step

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