Legal Checklist for Reopening your Business

Past Event: This event happened on Wednesday, 27th May 2020.

The publication of the National Return to Work Safety Protocol by the DBEI and the imminent easing of movement restrictions are the first steps to reopening the economy.  

The prospect of returning to a ‘new normal’ will be met with equal parts relief and trepidation for many businesses. It is very important that companies and their directors are aware of their duties and obligations and carefully consider the important steps they need to consider to ensure the survival of their business.

Join us for a webinar which will provide a comprehensive legal checklist of everything companies and their directors need to consider before and after reopening both their businesses and physical sites and returning to normal work practices.

The webinar will cover issues including:

  • Reopening your business when cashflow is unpredictable
  • Corporate Governance - risk of incurring liabilities with the uncertainty of future financial performance
  • Corporate Restructuring options for insolvent companies
  • Employment issues
  • Leases and commercial property

CPD points are available.

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This event has now past.

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